Saturday, July 24, 2010

HubPages update on earnings

Hi again,

Well I checked on the one hub I had written over at and it seems it has earned me .03 in google adsense earnings. I know that sounds horrible...but it builds with more hubs written and it pads the google check from my blogs so I get paid sooner.

You can check out my Hub here and get started writing your own. Other topcs can make more money.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Long time no post - Blogging to make money

Hey everyone,

I am back to post and be proactive. I have bought two domains and I am going to work on making more money online. I am now the proud owner of and - not sure but I am thinking blog and blog/shopping site and am so excited to get started.

I am still earning residual income on ehow and demand studios - which is great since I have been a bit lazy, but at least money is still coming in. I am also writing again at which is like a mini blog so it takes so little time to make an easy $25 minimum a month.

So keep trying everyone - I will be posting more money making sites and earnings updates so we can keep making money in this tough economy.

This months earnings:

Ebay - $150
Ehow - $65.00 (wrote nothing this month - power of passive income)
Examiner -$3.00 (did not write until yesterday)
Triond $.02 yep finally made money there

That's it for this month without doing much - but not I am back into it! Oh and I got the two domains for around $12.00 on using code the BEATHEAT99.

See you soon.