Monday, November 7, 2011

Money making online a myth?

Hi again all,

I hear the question is making money online a myth many times a day and on message boards. Making a living online is tough, but many do it. Making money online, however is not. I made a part time income last year not enough to live on but it does take work and since I do it part get what you put in to it. To see if you can do it full time you would have to devote 40 hours to online money making but after you research and find your ways to make money. Most of the money I make comes from writing, however I could do more things like web site building or personal shopping or other paid to things, but my talent is writing so it is easier to make money that way.

It seem advertising (my other talent) is another good way to make money online, but dont believe anyone that tells you its not possible because it is.

New money making spot

Hi again,

So most people may not know about this one, but is a great place to make money. I just got my first ebook deal on Odesk. It is very similar to elance but no upfront payment. Odesk takes 10% of your earnings, but you set your price and apply to the jobs you want. So far i like - we will se how my first job with odesk goes. You can do anything from writing to research or being a virtual assistant. So it is not just for writers.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Plasma donation update

So I did not donate plasma. My iron level was too low, however it was a simple process that was more time consuming than anything. I still may try and donate plasma this week. Our center pays $100 the first week - $60 the first time and $40 the second and $60 per week after the first week. Donating plasma not only save lives but here you can make $240 per month!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Craigslist for Jobs

Ok so I know we have discussed selling on craigslist, but what about selling your services or looking for jobs?

I got an interview, not a job, but its a start to do facebook updates for a portrait studio. Its a home job and a great opportunity for me to make extra money and I live in a smaller town and it is a great way to find some great part time work.

Blowing up with AdSense

Ok maybe not blowing up, but since I have gotten back to posting I have made $1.89 this week. May not sound like a lot but that is the most I have made in a week. And considering I am a very part time blogger its not bad for starting to ramp things up a little.

So where do I earn my adsense money?
1. Blogs - I have this one and one other
2. HubPages - three articles total

and so far thats about it.

I know Squidoo also pays via adsense so that is another place to check out.

I will be adding as many more money making ideas as I can as I know this is a tough economy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HubPages made me .44 today!

Ok I know its not a windfall, but I only have three hubs total. So .44 cents in one day is really pretty good. I may have to go back there and write more. Squidoo is kind of a bust for me but it is another writing site you can sign up with and just start making money.

I remember reading a blog where a man made tons of money using adsense and blogs, but I think he must have posted a ton. At least with HubPages I kind of forget I accumlating money in my adsense account.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Plasma Donations

Hi there again,

So the cleaning fell through so I am donating plasma the first week of November, so I will definitely let you know if it is painful or not. First time donation pays $60 and if I donate a second time in the week I get another $40. After that it is $30 per time so I can make $60 per week.

Not too bad. I am also couponing since two of my friends from were on TLC's extreme couponing and although I am not to 80% yet I am getting lots of free stuff and way less spending on groceries and toiletries. I am working on my own couponing and money saving blog here so I figure if I cant make extra then I need to save money too!

Another site I found is - it pays you to bid on projects like - check it out.

Finally Vault Denim...well I didnt have any parties this month but I still got a check based on my recruits. I love this company so far. Feel free to email or post if you want to learn more about it!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Creative way to make money offline

Hello all,

So in trying to make some extra money for a vacation I am taking some additional jobs.

One job that is only 1.5 to 2 hours per night is cleaning offices. Its flexible, easy and pays above minimum wage.

Other option to bring in more money that dont require extensive work or time include:

Donating plasma
Holiday retail jobs
dog walking
Coupon clipping

Submit your own ideas in the comments :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Another way to make money

Hi again

So we will look at other direct sales companies in the future but the key to making money is loving doing it, but the best way to start is by saving money. I have recently started couponing and it takes patience. Clipping coupons can boost your income in savings. My first trip as a couponer, I saved $10. Maybe not super awesome, but still a start. Other people i know maximize their savings for up to 86% on groceries and toiltries.

You can check out my couponing adventures on my blog at

Another great couponing blog

Friday, August 12, 2011

Home Business Series #3

Dont laugh but Mary Kay and Avon are still big money makers for those that work at it. And Avon is only $10 to start so that make it a very viable new business. Just drop off catalogs at clinics, hospitals everywhere you can think of with a waiting room and make some extra money.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Tastefully Simple - Direct selling series

Ok I sold Tastefully Simple so I am biased, but I love their food. And that really is the biggest key to home parties and direct sales. You need to love the product so you can get excited about it and sell it!.

This company sells gourmet food products and home taste testing parties. Really who doesn't like to eat and it fairly reasonable for the items. Plus if you order enough it can be shipped right to your door and not the hostess.

There are other gourmet food sales company's out there so I think I should mention the Direct Sales Association - they list reputable companies to think about joining in all venues.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Working from Home - Direct Sales Series Part one

Working from home in direct sales? Uggg most people say, but you can make money if you treat it as your job. I recently joined Vault Denim an at home jean party concept and I love it! No inventory, you check it out from a regional coordinator...sell jeans that day and then return what you dont sell. It is so fun! And easy, I already have a recruit in the first month and she has three!

So I will look at a few worthwhile companies if the home party system interests you. The best thing you can do is get in on the ground floor. There are only 5000 Vault Denim consultants right now so I knew it was a good time to get in. Also sell something consumable or something people will keep buying. Jeans are so common and the company is adding kids and men. Its hard to go wrong with this concept and they are designer jeans at low prices. - this is my website if you are interested in learning more about the company.

Depending on sales you earn 24% of your sales and more from your recruits and it only costs $159 to join. Check it out.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Long time no post....

So Demand Studios bought my articles for $944 this month for although they cut their residual income program it was all worth it. I also decide to see how my adsense account was doing to come back to $7.12 - way better than I thought so now I need to get moving and help everyone make more money!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Money Making from home idea of the day - coupons and samples

Hi all,

Been awhile since i posted, but I am back with some new ideas to make or save money from home. Using coupons and free samples are a great way to save or make money. The best way to find these great deals and in turn promote your blog is read blogs. The blogs below are a great place to start finding deals on items you can sell or coupons or freebies to effect your montly bottom line. - My deal blog on coupons, samples, freebies and sales

Search around and you find many blogs and websites that can help you save money