Monday, October 31, 2011

Plasma donation update

So I did not donate plasma. My iron level was too low, however it was a simple process that was more time consuming than anything. I still may try and donate plasma this week. Our center pays $100 the first week - $60 the first time and $40 the second and $60 per week after the first week. Donating plasma not only save lives but here you can make $240 per month!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Craigslist for Jobs

Ok so I know we have discussed selling on craigslist, but what about selling your services or looking for jobs?

I got an interview, not a job, but its a start to do facebook updates for a portrait studio. Its a home job and a great opportunity for me to make extra money and I live in a smaller town and it is a great way to find some great part time work.

Blowing up with AdSense

Ok maybe not blowing up, but since I have gotten back to posting I have made $1.89 this week. May not sound like a lot but that is the most I have made in a week. And considering I am a very part time blogger its not bad for starting to ramp things up a little.

So where do I earn my adsense money?
1. Blogs - I have this one and one other
2. HubPages - three articles total

and so far thats about it.

I know Squidoo also pays via adsense so that is another place to check out.

I will be adding as many more money making ideas as I can as I know this is a tough economy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HubPages made me .44 today!

Ok I know its not a windfall, but I only have three hubs total. So .44 cents in one day is really pretty good. I may have to go back there and write more. Squidoo is kind of a bust for me but it is another writing site you can sign up with and just start making money.

I remember reading a blog where a man made tons of money using adsense and blogs, but I think he must have posted a ton. At least with HubPages I kind of forget I accumlating money in my adsense account.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Plasma Donations

Hi there again,

So the cleaning fell through so I am donating plasma the first week of November, so I will definitely let you know if it is painful or not. First time donation pays $60 and if I donate a second time in the week I get another $40. After that it is $30 per time so I can make $60 per week.

Not too bad. I am also couponing since two of my friends from were on TLC's extreme couponing and although I am not to 80% yet I am getting lots of free stuff and way less spending on groceries and toiletries. I am working on my own couponing and money saving blog here so I figure if I cant make extra then I need to save money too!

Another site I found is - it pays you to bid on projects like - check it out.

Finally Vault Denim...well I didnt have any parties this month but I still got a check based on my recruits. I love this company so far. Feel free to email or post if you want to learn more about it!