Monday, November 7, 2011

Money making online a myth?

Hi again all,

I hear the question is making money online a myth many times a day and on message boards. Making a living online is tough, but many do it. Making money online, however is not. I made a part time income last year not enough to live on but it does take work and since I do it part get what you put in to it. To see if you can do it full time you would have to devote 40 hours to online money making but after you research and find your ways to make money. Most of the money I make comes from writing, however I could do more things like web site building or personal shopping or other paid to things, but my talent is writing so it is easier to make money that way.

It seem advertising (my other talent) is another good way to make money online, but dont believe anyone that tells you its not possible because it is.

New money making spot

Hi again,

So most people may not know about this one, but is a great place to make money. I just got my first ebook deal on Odesk. It is very similar to elance but no upfront payment. Odesk takes 10% of your earnings, but you set your price and apply to the jobs you want. So far i like - we will se how my first job with odesk goes. You can do anything from writing to research or being a virtual assistant. So it is not just for writers.