Sunday, August 16, 2009

Write for

Hello All,

Still looking to make some extra money? Why not try writing for You do have to apply and it takes between 3 days and two weeks to here back so put your best writing sample on there. They have a ton of different cities to choose from and categories and if your category is not mentioned you can suggest one of your own. You can also choose to write nationally if your city is not listed or write for the city closest to you.

You can also earn $50 for referrals while they get their site going.

You can apply here and please mention me or use my id 15604.

Thanks and good luck


  1. Hi, Found you on eHow. I'm your first follower!
    Write Moms

  2. Thanks for following me - I am hoping to help people out - two of my friends are now thinking of writing too.