Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Blogging to make money Part 1

Blogging to make money can be tough...ok it is tough. So far I have not monetize my four blogs yet, but it depends on who you are so people put those ads up right away. So how do you make money with your blog. A few things you will need

1. Traffic - if no one reads your blog, why even have advertising on it. This why in some cases it is better to build your up your traffic before adding the ads.

2. Advertisers - this is not to hard to get through affiliate marketing programs - which will discuss in more detail later

3. Niche - You can have a blog on being a mom - but if you are a work at home mom, or a homeschooling mom, you have a more specialized topic leading to more viewers.

Next time we will discuss some affliate marketing programs.

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