Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Working from Home - Direct Sales Series Part one

Working from home in direct sales? Uggg most people say, but you can make money if you treat it as your job. I recently joined Vault Denim an at home jean party concept and I love it! No inventory, you check it out from a regional coordinator...sell jeans that day and then return what you dont sell. It is so fun! And easy, I already have a recruit in the first month and she has three!

So I will look at a few worthwhile companies if the home party system interests you. The best thing you can do is get in on the ground floor. There are only 5000 Vault Denim consultants right now so I knew it was a good time to get in. Also sell something consumable or something people will keep buying. Jeans are so common and the company is adding kids and men. Its hard to go wrong with this concept and they are designer jeans at low prices. - this is my website if you are interested in learning more about the company.

Depending on sales you earn 24% of your sales and more from your recruits and it only costs $159 to join. Check it out.

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