Friday, October 21, 2011

Plasma Donations

Hi there again,

So the cleaning fell through so I am donating plasma the first week of November, so I will definitely let you know if it is painful or not. First time donation pays $60 and if I donate a second time in the week I get another $40. After that it is $30 per time so I can make $60 per week.

Not too bad. I am also couponing since two of my friends from were on TLC's extreme couponing and although I am not to 80% yet I am getting lots of free stuff and way less spending on groceries and toiletries. I am working on my own couponing and money saving blog here so I figure if I cant make extra then I need to save money too!

Another site I found is - it pays you to bid on projects like - check it out.

Finally Vault Denim...well I didnt have any parties this month but I still got a check based on my recruits. I love this company so far. Feel free to email or post if you want to learn more about it!

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