Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Plasma Donation: I finally did it and made $100

Look at this - two posts in one day! But I had to share that I finally got in, twice actually, to donate plasma. The first time included the physical and took about three hours in total, but the pay was $60 so for $20 an hour i was fine. I had a good plasma tech and the donation was simple.
They do discard your plasma if you don't donate twice so I went back a second time and made $40. This time was a bit more difficult because the tech didnt put the needle in right and it left a mark. It did not really hurt beside the pinch of the needle and the saline they use to replace your plasma is cold going in.
You can read, do crosswords or watch their tvs while you donate so the time went pretty fast. I am going again this week. You only get $60 per week after your first two times at Talecris where I went, but you can make $240 per month if you go twice a week (this is the max).
It may not seem like a lot but $240 a month pays a bill or two for me which is great and leaves me with more spending money, besides where else can you get paid $20 an hour to read or watch tv?

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