Saturday, November 13, 2010

Craigslist - Today's Money Making idea

Hey all,

Ok I know you have all heard of and have heard of the scammers and things that go on, but it is really a great way to make money without paying anything! Last month I made about $200 after having a crappy rummage sale, I posted the other items that I had left on Craigslist. Some of them sold within a few hours! Here a few tips for listing your items.

  1. Price a bit higher but not too high - people like to negotiate
  2. Use the anonymous email option
  3. Put your phone number only if it a high ticket item and put spaces in it so you dont get fake calls
  4. Use pictures - craigslist is free - pictures sell your items.
  5. Remember what you think is junk - other people treasure and it is much easier to list on craigslist than sit for hours at a rummage sale.

Good luck and post your successes!

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