Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Making (Saving) Money - todays making money at home idea

So making money at home does not always necessarily mean having a check come in or money deposited into your paypal account - although they are both good feelings!

The first great money making/saving idea is - with Ebates you earn cash back when shopping and they send you a check four times a year. This program is really great and I have earned $454 cash back with them since I joined. The more you use them the more you make and you can use Ebates for things you already shop for. They also have a great referral program and contest going on right now.

Another great way to save money is - dont buy a paper for coupons you may or may not use. At you can print the coupons you want to use.

Last quick money idea for the day is donating. It may not bring you cash rewards, but if you itemize deductions you can use it as a write off and feel good about giving.

More money making ideas coming your way soon!

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