Monday, November 8, 2010

Money making idea of the day: HubPages

Hi all,

Ok so I pretty gave up on HubPages. I created one or two Hubs and forgot about them. I was sure blogging was the way to go and I still am, but decided I would see how my blogs were fairing without many posts lately. My Google adsense account had jumped from $1 - to $6.00 in a few months. Wow I thought - how great it will be when I actually post more! Well I found out that this blog is the big money maker but my Hubs are actully second and have only been up for a few months and I have not done anything but post it.

Passive income is serving to be my money maker. I am still making $80 a month from my ehow articles and have not written a new one in four months. But now I think I need to check out HubPages again! My blogs are not pulling in the millions I thought they would but they are finally gaining and making money. It seems it just takes time and hard work and once you build a base the earnings will start picking up!

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